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The Smartherd team is developing innovative solutions for efficient and sustainable agriculture.

Real-time cow condition
It is not easy to detect the cattle health problems, and by the time you do this, it is often too late.
That is why our team have developed the SmartHerd product to help the early detection of animals that need a special care.

smartherd is an effective cow condition monitoring tool

SmartHerd improves the procedural efficiency minimizing the production and reproduction loss. This ensures animal welfare and promotes the intended use of antibiotics. A sensor attached to the collar on the cow's neck registers the animal's behavior and generates a unique digital footprint. Using the data acquired, we can identify its behavioural problems as well as pathologies (lameness, for example).

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General description

It is an effective cow condition monitoring tool. It is not easy to detect the cattle health problems, and by the time you do this, it is often too late.


What is Smarthead?

Convenient herd control
24/7 cow health monitoring
Advance warnings about heat and calving
Remote cow's health control
Health problem notifications received on your phone.
Possibility of unlimited moving of the collar.

smarthead technology is...

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  • Due to the low-energy technology used, the collar charge is sufficient for 5 years.
  • Collar is easy to be unlimitedly hung over from one cow to another
  • Strong casing protects it against situation risks
  • Warranty applies to the entire period of its use

Web and mobile interfaces

  • You can monitor one cow, a cowshed, a random sample group
  • Customizable notification system. By selected parameters, period
  • Perform early disease prevention with a convenient notification system
  • Add an unlimited number of employees, each of them can set up notifications for their own sample group or cowshed
  • Удобная навигация из мобильного устройства
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